• Do you believe

    In endless miracles
    Do you believe
    In the impossible
    Do you believe
    Sleep is a time machine
    Do you believe
    In curiosity
    Do you believe
    In what you cannot see
    Do you believe
    Life is a lucid dream
    A life that manifests the reality of woman making her choices and daring to live
    her dream. Samant garbs her in layers, capturing the myriad hues of her existence,
    the conflicts and harmony, the distortions and the truth weaved in detailed
    embroidery in jewel tones and shades of pink, orange, rust and burgundy on
    structured silhouettes in whites and ivories. And he details the triumph of her spirit
    as she emerges from the chimera and walks her path holding aloft her essence
    …the flowery being that she is casting her spell and enigmatic fragrance… the
    signature of her soul.