WINTER RAIN – samantchauhan



    The skies grayen the haze of rain,

    As silver rubbles have cloaked the pain,

    The inks of my past have gently washed away,

    Like the lazy roll of raindrops down the window pane,

    The thunder roars a sign for me

    I rise again through the dreary depths of ashen veins

    To dare a walk down the snow stone lane

    Embellished in these silken ripple flows

    I melt and rise a willow

    And as the bitter rain fades the gloom,

    I find my starry night glaring the moon

    A thousand sparkles wouldn't equal my shine

    I rose from the ashes today.

    Ruffled robes and gloved palms, I trailed the lush lanes of love deep into the late hours of twilight. And as I paused my hurried steps, my blissful heart stilled. A gush of biting wind teased my ear, silenced the hustle in the street like a mellow scream of caution. I glared up at the blackened sky cracking the horrid thunder roars. As the icy prickles of fear rushed down my spine, my hands clenched, my thoughts froze and I quickened my pace. I fought mindlessly through the frosty air chills while the incessant clouds chased me with their vengeful soul. My eyes blinked me wait from the world into the dark realm of my winter past. The same cold, the same scare, the same me. Shadowed flashes of my mother's panicked eyes, depth of my father's concerns, destructive terrors and the hollows of winter death paved my way. My once poised walk altered into a squeamish quiver. When a sudden splash of winter rain pulled me back, only to be drenched in it's wholesome.

    For the first time, my eyes met these serene joys- the joys of laughter, the joys of chill, the joys of Petrich or /earthy scent and the joys of black. The same cold, but is it the same me?

    This collection is a depiction of reimagining a world with flashes of blur colours after rain, gloomy space and foggy vision, is an attempt to look beyond the rainbow and to gaze deep into the black hole. And most of all, it is an homage to absence, which endures despite love and other fleeting happiness. This collection collapses everything we have created so in trying to achieve a signature. The fabrics are chanderi silk blended with organza and cotton, the embroidery is not what we have been doing, it has a very heavy metallic look and still the silhouettes are elaborate in a way that we have experimented with what we can do with what is out there.